Euromoney Learning Solutions – Training Video


Euromoney Learning Solutions offers a range of in-house, public courses and e-learning solutions covering finance and banking, law, energy and executive education.

In 2016 Euromoney contacted LRI, asking us to pitch for the production of a drama-based training video. We responded to the brief quickly, with a creative solution that answered the objectives set by the client. LRI were delighted to be asked to produce the video. Its purpose was to train Client Service Managers to be confident in carrying out meaningful service review conversations with key clients.

Euromoney provided the outline of the script for the video with LRI advising on all aspects of the screenwriting and production process.


After an initial site visit to the location in central London, it was decided that a multi-camera set up was favourable in order to capture all elements of the drama narrative.

The setting of the video was a face-to-face meeting featuring two actors playing out a client services review. Additionally, we filmed a Euromoney trainer who added comments on what the viewers observed in the meeting, and this reinforced the learning points.

During a busy filming day, the camera crew and director captured set-up shots which were used to set the scene of the meeting.

As part of the editing process graphics were added to the video to clarify the main points of the training. Once the editing was complete, the client requested that the video be translated and subtitled into French, Spanish and Chinese so that the training could be standardised internationally.


“It was great to work with you and the team. I would like to say how impressed we were with the professionalism and the ‘whatever it takes’ attitude of the team.”

Robert Conlon, Global Head of Executive Development.